Take advantage of special pricing1 for Premier Program practices and choose a patient engagement package that best fits your practice’s needs. 

  • Qualifying existing Solutionreach customers can add SR Smart Reviews to their existing package at no additional cost
  • Contracts will now be 12-month terms
  • You can pay the entire contract up front for an additional 15% off discount

Engagement Suite
SR Platform + SR Conversations 

Easily connect with patients through email appointment reminders, birthday wishes, recall, and more. SR Conversations makes it easy to text patients with an easy-to-use HIPAA consent tool. 

Marketing Suite
SR Platform + SR Conversations + SR Smart Reviews

The Marketing Suite includes the SR Platform, Conversations, and SR Smart Reviews. SR Smart Reviews drives your patients to Google and Facebook to leave reviews. 

Patient Relationship Management Suite
SR Platform + SR Conversations + SR Smart Reviews + SR Schedule

The Patient Relationship Management Suite includes the SR Platform, Conversations, Smart Reviews, and SR Schedule. SR Schedule gives your patients the ability to schedule their appointments online, to improve no-show rates, increase patient loyalty, and drive office efficiency. 

To take advantage of the lowered pricing today, please reach out to our dedicated Premier Program contact, Bradon Fennell.

Bradon Fennell
Strategic Partner Manager, Solutionreach
866-605-6867 ext. 6872


1Existing Solutionreach customers are required to extend their current Solutionreach agreement by 12 months to qualify for the pricing. Pricing is in effect now and is subject to change without notice.