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Introducing SunSync® Elite


This fall, the photochromic landscape changed forever with the release of SunSync® Elite. This revolutionary light-reactive lens changes from dark to clear in seconds2, setting a new standard in photochromic performance. 

Now your patients can stop waiting to transition and step forward with confidence.  

How does it compare to Transitions® Signature® VII? 

  • Up to 10x faster fade back (dark to clear in seconds)
  • Faster activation3
  • Comparable darkness and clarity
  • Superior UV and blue light defense4
  • Longer photochromic performance lifespan5
  • 2x longer guarantee for VSP members6 

Exclusive to you and your patients. 

SunSync Elite is exclusively available to VSP network providers, allowing you to provide a first-of-its-kind lens and a one-of-a-kind patient experience.  

Visit SunSyncLenses.com to learn more about SunSync Elite or any of the products in the comprehensive SunSync Light-Reactive Lenses portfolio.


Get social.  
Download the Facebook and Instagram graphics and use the recommended copy to engage through social media. Or, better yet, customize the post to fit your practice’s current promos and specials. Don’t forget to use hashtags that identify your city or neighborhood to attract new patients! 

Recommended post: Tired of waiting to transition? Well, the wait is finally over. #SunSync Elite is a revolutionary, new light-reactive lens that changes from dark to clear in seconds. Now you can stop lurking in the dark and step forward with the confidence of clear lenses. Ask us about SunSync Elite during your next visit! 

Promote inside your office. 
Download and print this poster to display in your office. Or share this video in your waiting room.


1. In independent testing in polycarbonate at 73.4°F, SunSync Elite fades from fully activated to 37.1% T in 10 seconds compared to 37.5% T in 100 seconds for Transitions Signature VII. 
2. t½F of SunSync Elite in polycarbonate is 53 seconds at 73.4°F.
3. In polycarbonate, t½D of SunSync Elite is 5 seconds compared to 8 seconds for Transitions Signature VII at 73.4°F.
4. All comparisons in polycarbonate. At 400nm, SunSync Elite = 100% attenuation, Transitions Signature VII (T-VII) = 85% attenuation. At 415nm, SunSync Elite = 95% attenuation, T-VII = 40% attenuation. At 420nm, SunSync Elite = 75% attenuation, T-VII = 25% attenuation. 
5. SunSync Elite exhibited superior clarity, darkness and photochromic change speeds after Q-SUN simulated aging tests equivalent to two years of average wear.
6. SunSync guarantee is one-year, 100% satisfaction guarantee for VSP members compared to six months for Transitions. 


©2018 Vision Service Plan. All rights reserved. 

VSP is a registered trademark of Vision Service Plan. SunSync is a registered trademark of Plexus Optix, Inc.  Transitions is a registered of Transitions Optical, Inc.

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