With spring approaching, now’s the perfect time to plant the seed for the AR need in your patients’ minds. Here are three easy ways to help your patients see the benefits of enhancing their lenses with TechShield AR coatings:

  • Demonstrate the difference. Almost 95% of patients don’t know that AR coatings improve the way they look in their lenses.* Simply showing a pair of lenses with AR and a pair without AR is often the only convincing a patient needs.  
  • Speak to the safety features. Better vision at night, especially behind the wheel, is a big draw for patients on the fence about adding an AR coating.
  • Wear what you recommend. Your personal success stories with a product carry as much, if not more, weight with your patients than anything you’ll read from a technical sheet.

Your AR choice also impacts your dispensing success. TechShield Anti-Reflective Coatings simplify your AR solution with an advanced portfolio of enhancements that's easy to understand, dispense, and rely on.

Download your free AR dispensing checklist today to get these tips plus 5 bonus tactics to help grow your dispensing rates all season long.

* The Vision Council, VisionWatch - AR Lens Buyers (Dec 2016)