Nike’s latest collection delivers durable eyewear designed for everyday activity. Use social media and email to engage with patients using the newest Nike images below. Pro tip: Increase engagement by asking your social media followers what’s most important to them when selecting glasses for back to school. Whether it’s comfort, style, or durability, Nike’s got you covered.

Don’t forget, your VSP patients get an extra $20 to spend on Nike glasses. Click here to download the coupon. Pro tip: print out the coupon to have handy in your office. 

Get social.  
Download Facebook and Instagram graphics and use the recommended copy to engage with your patients through social media. 
Complete your back to school shopping with Nike glasses, allowing kids to see their best in styles they love. #backtoschool #nike
Send an email. 
Download and send an email to your patients using your patient engagement platform.
Promote inside your office. 
Download and print a poster to display in your office.