With the growth of the multicultural market, consumers are looking to connect authentically with businesses that recognize the value of diversity. Here are some tips to help your practice evolve to match the changing demographics:

Ensure your product assortment lets everyone find their perfect fit.

In our diverse world, no two faces are alike. By expanding your practice’s product assortment, you can reach to a broader consumer base. Consider including petite sizes found in the Anne Klein collection, or extended fit that’s offered from Altair Genesis. And for patients who have low nose bridges and high cheeks, Altair Evolution has a new alternative fit collection that provides proper fit and comfort without sacrificing style.

Incorporate diversity in your marketing.

Even if your practice’s product assortment is varied, you may be missing out on potential patients if your marketing and POP materials don’t appeal to a variety of demographics. Brands are evolving their campaigns to be more multicultural by incorporating imagery and partnering with influencers from diverse backgrounds.

In its latest campaign #WomenWhoDo, Anne Klein captures the essence of three different women who speak about what it means to be a woman today. One of the women featured is United States Artists President and CEO Deana Haggag, who works to help artists at all stages of their careers gain funding for their projects.

Watch the video below to learn more about Deana:

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