Ask practices to describe the benefits of participating in the VSP Individual Vision Plans Program and several words often pop up: patient retention, added revenue, ease and efficiency.

“Our office added a VSP banner and link to our website, and when patients don’t have vision coverage, we talk to them about VSP’s Individual Vision Plans,” said Linda Jackson of Professional Family Eyecare in Florida. “The process is so easy for the patients to sign up in our office, and we can point out the benefits and cost-savings available for them. It’s easy to earn the [advertising payment] incentives and the patients appreciate how easy it is to get coverage.”

Retention is a key element of the IP Doctor program.  When a patient enrolls in our Individual Vision Plans, 87% of those VSP patients will return to your practice and 98% of those patients will buy materials from the practice after their exam.1  Additionally, when you enroll in the IP Doctor Program and educate your uninsured patients about our plans, you can earn an $8 advertising payment.*

What’s more, because VSP Individual Vision Plans offer patient exams and materials benefits every 13 months, patients have an added incentive to return to your practice more frequently.


More Loyal Patients and Increased Revenue Opportunities Just a Click Away.  
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And don’t forget about same-day enrollment! Your patients can enroll in a vision plan over the phone, be eligible for their benefits on the same day, and come to your practice right away for the vision care and materials they need. Easy and efficient. 
Smiles all around.

1Based on VSP Individual Vision Plans claims data.
*The advertising payment is paid monthly with a Visa * gift card via email. Your patients do not need to enroll in an Individual Vision Plan for your practice to receive the advertising payment, but your practice must be signed up for the VSP Individual Vision Plans Doctor Program.