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Share Insurance Options with Patients on Social Media


Open enrollment season is right around the corner. Have patients that need vision coverage? Share VSP® Individual Vision Plans with them. Helping patients get insured is a great way to increase patient retention and create patient loyalty. And if you’re enrolled in the VSP Individual Vision Plans Doctor Program, you can get paid just for telling patients about Individual Vision Plans!   

Here are some tips on how to share information on VSP Individual Vision Plans to your patients during open enrollment season:  

Get social! Use the social media tile and caption below to post about VSP Individual Plans on your practice’s Facebook or Instagram pages. As a Premier Program practice, you’ll earn $8 every time a patient clicks on the Individual Vision Plan ad on your social media post and lands on the application page of MyVSPPlan.com.  

Display Individual Vision Plans marketing materials in your office. Download our in-office video to play in your practice. We also have stands, business cards, and window clings for all your Individual Vision Plans needs. You can get all these supplies on our new resource page.   

Not signed up for the VSP Individual Vision Plans Doctor Program? Sign up or learn more at EarnMoreWithVSP.com.    

As a member of the VSP Individual Vision Plans Doctor Program, when your patient clicks on the Individual Vision Plan website banner ad and lands on the application page of MyVSPPlan.com, you’ll earn an $8 advertising credit as a Premier Program practice ($5 for non-Premier practices). Purchase of a VSP Individual Vision Plan isn’t required to receive the advertising payment. You must be a member of the VSP Individual Vision Plans Doctor Program and have an active IP website banner in place to earn advertising credits.  

Get social. 

Download this Facebook and Instagram graphic. Use the recommended copy to engage through social media. Better yet, customize the post to fit your practice’s new styles and specials. Remember to add your practice phone number and city or neighborhood hashtags so patients can find you and schedule their annual eye exam!     


Recommended post: It’s open enrollment season. Need vision coverage? Sign up for a VSP Individual Vision Plan. With your plan, you’ll receive an annual eye exam, an allowance for frames and/or contacts, and coverage for lens enhancements. Enroll today and get a plan as low as $17 a month!  #visioncoverage #healthyeyes #vsp


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