Don’t leave money on the table, sign up today for the VSP Individual Vision Plans Doctor Program. The program offers a unique opportunity for your practice to earn more revenue and retain patients. Since its launch, we’ve paid thousands of dollars in advertising payments to participating practices. Here are a couple reasons why Individual Vision Plans patients are valuable to your practice:  

  • They receive an eye exam every year, twice as often as patients without vision coverage. * 
  • If they need eyewear, 98% of patients will purchase it from the same VSP network doctor who performed their exam.** 
  • They can enroll in a plan over the phone and visit your practice for services on the same day.   

Earning more revenue and retaining patients with the Doctor Program is simple. Here’s how it works:  


How do you sign up? 

You can visit to get started today. 

Have more questions?  

Click here or send us an email and we’ll respond to you directly.  

+ Purchase of a plan isn’t required to receive the advertising payment. The advertising payment is paid monthly with a Visa® gift card via email. 

*focalCenter Research for NAVCP 

**Based on VSP Individual Vision Plans claims data