Drop some sun knowledge! 82% of parents have their children wear sunscreen, but only 32% outfit their kids with sunglasses.1 Many are unaware of the harmful long-term effects that UV light can have on eyes, especially in children. Review this article and remind patients of the importance of sun protection starting at a young age.

Get social. Promote a hashtag that your tween and teen patients can share on social media, along with a selfie in their new frames! Some examples include #B2Sframestyles, #cool4schoolframes, or #mynewB2Slook.

Shake up your product mix. Eyewear is an extension of one’s personality. Kids’ frames are getting brighter and more interesting than ever before. Meet with your Marchon or Altair frame rep to ensure you have the right variety. Or, try a mini focus group with kids and teens and have them show you their favorite styles. Give them a tasty treat for participating!

Get to know your younger patients. Ask about hobbies and interests. Do they play outdoor or indoor sports? Do they spend a lot of time playing with their friends or reading? Help them select a pair of durable or casual frames to fit their needs.

Market to kids and teens. Here’s some ways to have fun with your Back to School campaign and market new styles.

  1. Print, email, or post this month’s marketing materials across your patient engagement channels.
  2. Offer promotions and second pair discounts.
  3. Try out a social media contest! Contest ideas range from having patients upload pictures of their favorite after school activity or posting a selfie in their best style from head to toe.
  4. Showcase 2016 Back to School styles by hosting your own “Back to School in Style” event. Host a trunk show and get creative! Consider setting up a DIY Back to School-themed photo booth so patients can show off their new frames, and as a plus, you’ll end up with some great social media content to share. You could even have the kids and teens create their own fun props! Contact your Marchon or Altair frame representative to coordinate a show.



Get social with Social Media status updates and images. Download a Social Media tile of Option 1 or Option 2 of the Back to School Facebook tile. Or, go to the Social Media Management page to sign up for content you can easily post to your page*.

Already using Social Media Management? Be sure to schedule your posts for the coming months.



Leverage the power of email to reach your patients. Download your choice of a Option 1 or Option 2 of the Back to School campaign to send out now. Don’t have a way to email patients? Marketing Campaigns Learn how you can get access to a library of content with a leading patient engagement platform with help from My Marketing Team.



Download Option 1 or Option 2 of the Back to School poster to display in your office.