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It’s Not Too Early to Talk About Back-to-School with Your Patients


Back-to-school season is fast approaching, and July is the perfect time to start marketing to your patients with children. Healthy vision is a tool that every child needs to start their school year strong. Promote scheduling back-to-school eye exams early in the summer to your current and potential patients with these tips:

1. Pick a partner. Collaborate with a parent influencer or local teacher on social media. Eye health content is relevant to their audience. Parent influencers can create videos of the family’s experience during their eye exam at your practice. They can also create before and after testimonials of the children’s thoughts and experiences, which creates authenticity for the influencer. Teachers can focus on how a child’s vision impacts their ability to keep up in the classroom. Parents and teachers are invested in children’s eyes and their authenticity will come through in their posts. 

2. Share a lesson in digital eye strain. Many schools use computers and tablets in their day-to-day curriculum, which can cause digital eye strain. Educate them about the benefits of lenses with blue light coating. Post social content about the great benefits of TechShield™ Blue light defense for children.1

3. Find the perfect fit. Fit is essential for any child's glasses. Children who are uncomfortable with the fit and style of the frames may go out of their way to avoid wearing them. Use social media to highlight the importance of having light, comfortable and durable frames for children.



Get social.

Download the graphics below, and use the recommended copy to engage through social media. Better yet, customize the post to fit your practice’s children’s styles and back-to-school specials. Remember to add your practice phone number and city or neighborhood hashtags so patients can find you and schedule their annual eye exam!    

Recommended post: Be smart and schedule a back-to-school eye exam for your child. Children's vision can change rapidly. It is important to maintain and schedule regular eye exams for kids, so they are performing at their best, both in the classroom and on the playground. #backtoschool #eyehealth #childeyehealth #kidglasses

Send an email.  
Download and send either email graphic using your patient engagement platform.  

Promote inside your office. 
Download and print either poster to display in your office. 



1. “An AR Coating the Combats Digital Eye Strain,” www.techshieldar.com.  https://www.techshieldar.com/techshield-blue.html

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