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Healthy Eyes Are In Bloom


Let’s talk healthy eyes this season. Blooming flowers, fresh cut grass, and airborne pollen mark the start of allergy season. While the desire to venture outdoors and soak up the sunshine can be strong, it is important for patients to protect their eyes during spring. Consider sharing these topics through social media and newsletters: 

  • Eye allergy relief 
  • Eyewear to protect against harmful UV rays 
  • Eye protection for outdoor activities and sports

Educate patients on eye infection risk. Red, swollen and irritated eyes could be more than allergies! Share eye health tips on your social media channels and encourage patients to schedule an eye exam for eye infection prevention and treatment. 

Share quick eye health tip videos using your smartphone. A picture may say a thousand words, but a video says it louder. Have a staff member film a quick video (under 30 seconds) on why UV protectant lenses are important for eye health. Encourage patients to stop in for an eye exam and to discuss eye relief for spring allergies.  For more video tips, see this article.  

Spotlight sports and eye protection. Spring is the start of many recreational sports leagues. Talk to your patients about preventing eye injuries with proper eye protection. This is also a good time to remind parents of the importance of eye protection for their kids enrolling in sports. 


Get social.

Download these Facebook and Instagram graphics and use the recommended copy to engage through social media. Or, better yet, customize the post to fit your practice’s new styles and specials. Don’t forget to add your practice phone number and city or neighborhood hashtags so patients can find you and schedule their annual eye exam!  

Recommended post: Spring is here and so are allergies! Take steps to protect your eye health from airborne pollen and harmful UV rays. Schedule an eye exam to learn more about caring for your eyes during the spring months. #springeyehealth #springhassprung 

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