These tips will not only come in handy in your daily life, but will help your practice, too. Apps like Instagram, now the fastest growing social media network,1 have given mobile phone users new ways to get information and communicate—through photos. Use photography in your practice to take photos of your latest eyewear selection, increase patient engagement, and show off your welcoming office and friendly staff. 

Grab your mobile phone and test out these tricks.  

Get in focus. Grab a pair of new frames*, place them on a matte (not shiny) surface, hold your phone about 12 inches from the frames, and hold steady while taking a photo. You’ll crop and edit later, so no need to zoom.

Reduce glare. Next, try taking some photos of your practice at different times of the day to see when you get the optimal natural light and the least amount of glare. Make sure the light is behind you to take the clearest, brightest photos.

Capture personality.  Remember, we’re officially in the midst of a selfie revolution. Ask your patient stand in front of a blank wall (again, remember to have the light behind you) and strike a pose. Focus without zooming and take multiple photos so you can later choose the best one. 

Edit, edit, edit. Some free apps, like Instagram and VSCO, make it easy with pre-made filters for your images. They even have features that allow you to sharpen and add clarity and brightness to your photo. You won’t want to miss this step, so find a photo-editing app that you like the best and use it before posting any photo.

Share. Now that you’ve cropped and edited your social media masterpiece, share it! Add a short and sweet description, then tag or add your location. This makes it easy for your followers to see where they can buy that new frame.

Have you mastered the above techniques? Email us  your stellar photos and win a prize!

*Check with your frame brand representative to ensure you’re adhering to frame brand guidelines.