Looking for a way to amp up your practice marketing efforts? You may want to consider incorporating video for an easy way to engage with your patients.

If you have a television or computer monitor in your reception area, you can connect with your patients while they’re waiting to be seen for their eye exam or picking up their eyewear. Not only can you feature educational videos and messages, you can show messages for products and services, share information about your practice and your staff, and showcase patient testimonials (with the proper consent, of course).

You don’t need to be a video professional to do this either.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few tips:

  • Talk to your reps—frame reps, lab reps, contact lens reps, you name it—and see if they have videos they can provide to you for use in your practice.
  • Develop an “About our Practice” video that talks about the services you offer and introduces the staff. This can be done with a simple digital video camera and video editing software, or you can hire a professional videographer.
  • Capture patient testimonials that reinforce the quality of care and superior products patients receive at your practice. With their consent, feature testimonials in your marketing efforts.