I’ve created my Facebook and Twitter accounts. Now what? Our expert responds.

The biggest misconception around social media is “if you build it, they will come.” Setting up a Facebook or Twitter account for your practice is the easy part, and you can make Facebook even easier by using the Social Media Management service from My Marketing Team . The real challenge is gaining relevant followers and keeping them engaged. But think quality over quantity—having a small but mighty base of engaged and active followers is much more powerful than a large, unengaged group.

Use this checklist to encourage current patients–and potential new ones–to connect with your practice through social media:

  1. Add a link to your social media pages from all of your other online properties and communications, including your website, newsletter, email signatures, and even other social profiles. For example, share your Twitter handle on your Facebook page.
  2. Create signage for various highly trafficked areas of your practice to invite people to follow you and engage with you on social media. Think of things like window decals for your store front or a sign near the frame boards.
  3. When interacting with patients, have staff invite them to follow your practice online and be sure to mention any incentives like special discounts, promotions, and first-to-hear-about store events.
  4. Follow others! Especially when it comes to Twitter, a good first step is to find and follow people you want to engage with. To get started, try searching for other local businesses, local media and bloggers, influencers (people with a strong social following), patients, staff, and others in your industry.
  5. Your staff and their social circles are low-hanging fruit and potentially your most powerful online ambassadors. Ask them to share or retweet status updates, and invite their friends to follow.
  6. Facebook ads are a cost-effective way to attract new followers. You can set your budget and parameters for your target audience. It’s surprisingly affordable.

Have you had success building your social following? If so, we’d love to hear about it!
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