From the cornea to the retina, you know your way around the human eye, but let us help demystify the anatomy of the Facebook brand page.

  1. Cover Photo: This is the large image at the top of your page. It creates an immediate visual impact and should represent your practice and its culture. The ideal cover photo size is 851 x 315 pixels. TIP: This is prime piece of visual real estate! Use it wisely by keeping it fresh with seasonal themes or images of new products.
  2. Profile Image: This is the image that represents your practice across Facebook. The profile image should be 160 x 160 pixels. TIP: Use your company logo. It will help build brand recognition in users’ news feeds.
  3. Page Post: Adding a post to your page adds a story to its timeline. Posts also appear in the News Feeds of people who “like” your page, helping you stay top-of-mind with your audience.TIP: Start with the 80/20 Rule when planning your posts for your page. Eighty percent of the time, post valuable, entertaining content that’s not self-promotional, like eye health fun facts or links to informative articles. Use the other 20 percent to promote your products and services.​
  4. After publishing a status update, you have options to bring more attention to the post. Here are 2 to consider using occasionally to optimize views:
    • Pin to Top – Pinning a story anchors that story to the top of your page for 7 days. This is ideal for promotions or other timely content.
    • Highlight/Star – You can highlight important stories by expanding them to the full width of a page. The ideal size for a starred image is 843 x 403 pixels.