It's no longer a question of whether you should be on social media, it's how to manage it. Our experts weigh in on some related questions on this topic.

How often should I update my Facebook status?
News aggregators post around seven stories per day, and big brands approximately once per day, but these formulas are likely overkill for your practice. Over-posting can actually lead to less engagement and even “unlikes.”

Don’t get lost in the mix-update your status at least a few times per week. Check your engagement to see what posts your fans are most interested in and overall what frequency creates the best formula for you. Analytics can be pulled from the “Insights” section of your Facebook page or even from external platforms like Shoutlet, which is offered through My Marketing Team’s Facebook Management services.

How often should I be monitoring my social media?
If possible, make sure someone in your practice checks your page at least once daily (or every day you’re open). Social media has increasingly become a channel for customer service, and your followers may expect a response in real time. Create a plan to address questions, concerns, and compliments in a timely and positive fashion. Free smartphone apps like Facebook Pages Manager can notify you of any Facebook page activity.

What type of posts work best?
You’re the expert in eyecare, so eye health and wellness tips are a perfect fit.

Posts with images can generate 120% more engagement than text posts alone. Here are a few things to consider with an image post:

  • Many photos found online are copyrighted.
  • Not everyone is as used to looking at eyeballs as you. It may be best to avoid close-up eye images that viewers may feel squeamish about.
  • Your dispensary is full of beautifully designed eyewear that can speak to the fashion conscious

Social Media Management from My Marketing Team is a great way to kick-start or supplement your social media plan with professionally designed images that are free to use.