So you've created your practice's Instagram account and recruited your social team. Now it's time to start posting! There's no need to strive for perfection, just remember to keep your posts authentic and aligned with your practice's brand and personality. Start with at least three posts per week, and aim for a variety of different images. Here's a sample calendar to help get your practice started!

Monday: Brand. Use brand imagery or create your own, and don't forget to add hashtags with the brand name or mention any special offers and promotions at your practice. Check out how Elk Grove Optometry in Elk Grove, California promotes bebe® using Instagram:
Elk Grove Optometry in Elk Grove, California
Tuesday: Product. Take a photo of glasses or sunglasses that are currently in your practice. You never know who might see the post and make an appointment to come get their must-have pair. Here, Malibu Eye Center shows off one of their latest arrivals, promoting it as a gift inspiration.
Malibu Eye Center
Wednesday: People. Whether it's your office staff or a patient excited to try on their new glasses, snap a picture and post! Here, Uptown Eyecare shows us how to create an engaging post with their mini-model, sunglasses, and of course a custom hashtag!
Uptown Eyecare
Friday: Fact. Educate patients on your practice's specialties or the importance of eye care, like this post from Advanced Vision and Achievement Center.
Advanced Vision and Achievement Center
Saturday: Place. Build your community presence by posting a photo of a local point of interest, restaurant, or coffee shop. Marysville Family Vision shared the below post when they were out and about at a local cupcake shop.
Marysville Family Vision
And don’t forget to sprinkle some fun into your posts, like Clarin Eye Care!
Clarin Eye Care



  • Add a filter to your photo or use your own mobile photo editing app. Aim to keep a consistent look for all your IG posts.
  • Keep the caption short and sweet and incorporate hashtags. Did you know that posts with hashtags see higher engagement? Read more on hashtags here.
  • Put your practice on the map. Whether at the practice or a nearby local business, add the location to the post so your followers can check it out on the map. Remember to hashtag your city or neighborhood to increase visibility.

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