It's official: Instagram Stories are more popular than Snapchat.1 Instagram Stories are strings of videos and photos that disappear 24 hours after being posted, similar to Snapchat, and appear at the very top of your Instagram feed. Instagram Stories even allow you to tag other Instagram users in your posts.

How to post to Instagram stories

Capturing a photo or video in Instagram Stories is easy. When you're on the main Instagram newsfeed, swipe towards the right to navigate to the Instagram stories screen. Hold down the circle at the bottom of the screen to record a video, and tap to take photo.

Here's some post ideas to get started.

Small and large businesses alike use Instagram Stories for real-time marketing. Followers can get a first look of the latest products and services available, or a glimpse behind-the-scenes. You can post as many updates to your Instagram Story as you'd like; keep it fun and fresh! Use Instagram Stories to...

  • Show off the latest styles. Post photos or videos of your staff members or patients (with their approval, of course!) in new glasses or sunglasses and add a caption with the brand name to get your followers excited.
  • Celebrate. Add photos and videos to your story of an in-office event, birthday, or trunk show. 
  • Promote an exclusive sale. Offer a discount or brand promotion exclusively to your Instagram followers through your story. 

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