With over 800 million monthly users and growing1, Instagram continues to grow in popularity among big brands and small businesses alike. Because Instagram should play a vital role in your practice's overall online presence, we'll dig in over the next few MMT issues so your practice can hop on the IG train. Let’s go!

Create an Instagram for your practice.
Watch this quick, two-minute video to easily setup your practice's page and connect it to your Facebook business profile. Ensure your practice address and phone number are listed in your Instagram profile.

Recruit your social team.
There's a good chance your practice has at least one optician, office manager, or optometrist that enjoys using Instagram. You can identify at least one of these Instagrammers to take charge and administer the account. Additionally, add social media as a topic at your staff meetings. This will help your staff Instagrammer(s) promote your practice's announcements, promotions, or events on Instagram.

Start posting.
Now that your page is set up and your business information is added, start posting! Refresh your mobile photography skills and start with taking photos of the three P's: your practice, the people, and the products. 

Build your following.
Not only is it important to gather an Instagram following, you can learn a lot from other practice's Instagram accounts. Follow other practices, industry accounts, brands you carry, and local businesses in your area. Continue to follow new accounts each week to increase your exposure and establish your social media presence in your community.

Have multiple locations?
You have the option of creating one Instagram account or multiple accounts, one for each address. If you create just one account, be sure to list each address and phone number in the "About" section at the top of your Instagram page. Pro tip: always add your website and phone number to your posts so your followers know where to find a specific product or service. 

Stay tuned. Our next article will reveal best practices and tips for creating stellar Instagram posts and stories, help with #hashtags, and a chance to win a contest!

Need an Instagram pulse check? Email us at mymarketingteam@vspglobal.com for custom tips to help improve your practice's page.