Is your practice using Instagram Stories to increase your practice’s visibility and engagement with patients and your community? If so, it's time to archive and highlight your favorite stories from your practice with this new, exciting feature.  

If you remember, stories expire 24 hours after being posted. But alas, Instagram finally made it easy to save and highlight your best! Highlighted stories let you save virtual memories so patients can see them immediately when visiting your practice's Instagram page. 

How to create a Highlight: 

  1. Select ‘New’ on the left side of your profile, directly under your profile picture
  2. Choose the Story you’d like to Highlight
  3. Edit the cover, if needed, and name the Highlight
  4. Now your Highlight will appear in the circle next to ‘New’ you selected in Step 1
  5. Keep adding photos or videos to your Highlight as you wish 

Ideas and themes for your Highlights: 

  • BOTM – Brand of the Month
  • Kids Eyewear
  • New Products
  • Behind the Scenes (at the practice)
  • Community Events, Trunk Shows, or Charity Events 

This is a great way to make sure your content lasts on your social for much longer than just 24 hours. You can also reinforce your branding through the colors you use for the cover(s) for your different Highlights.  

How do you highlight your practice on Instagram? Comment below!