Everyone wants more followers on social media, with good reason: It’s just good business. Try some of these quick tips and see if you can amplify your following.

Ask.  Ask your patients to follow your social media channels with strategically placed signs in your office or during conversation with an Optician. Be specific about what channel you’d like them to follow you on. Where possible, be sure to follow back!

Collaborate. Team up with a local business to gain followers for both businesses. Ideally, the other business is situated near your practice. For example, team up with a local coffee shop, encourage patients to follow them on social media, and send them there after their office visit. The coffee shop may agree to give your patients a discount or offer another deal.

Buy. Instagram and Facebook have made it fairly inexpensive to promote your page. By spending as little as $5 you can promote your business page(s) to gain new followers. You are purchasing exposure to a specific group of people, which you get to decide and set the parameters.

Influence. Join forces with a local blogger and/or influencer (your brand/practice ambassador) to promote your practice. There is nothing wrong with relying on an influencer’s audience to promote your practice.


Remember, be patient! Building a social media presence and gaining followers takes time. Stay engaged and dedicate 30 minutes each week to growing your follower base by following 10+ new accounts per week. On social media, you have to give love to receive it! It’s important to remember the Big Changes for Social Media in 2018 and how your practice should engage with your patients.