Facebook and Instagram are changing the way that users get information and view content. Here’s what you need to know and tips to stay connected with your patients on social!

Facebook changed how it ranks posts, videos, and photos that appear in newsfeeds, with the intention to encourage more “meaningful” posts.

  • Posts from family and friends will be ranked and shown first in your feed
  • Posts from third-party organizations selling services or tangibles will be ranked lower
  • Genuine stories that start conversations will be ranked higher

What Your Practice Can Do:

  • Interact with users in the comments section, respond to questions, and “like” comments
  • Use video or live video to interact with your followers. In fact, live videos get six times the interactions as normal videos.

Instagram now allows business accounts to schedule posts in advance. Scheduling is not available on Instagram, but they allow third party social media applications to schedule posts – i.e., Hootsuite. Additional business features will be added over the next two years.

What You Can Do:

Facebook and Instagram have changed, but with a few quick adjustments you’ll be engaging with your patients even more! If you need a quick refresher, the My Marketing Team Plan, Post, Repeat webinar has great tips and tools to help you master your practice’s social media content.