Check out 5 quick tips to help you sell sunwear year round, not just during the sunny months.

  1. Know your patients. Ask about hobbies and interests. You may uncover a sunwear need.
  2. Encourage prescription sunwear. Sports and outdoor enthusiasts need prescription sunwear to achieve optimal performance. Make sure you know which sunwear can be fitted with an Rx and showcase those with your active-lifestyle patients.
  3. Talk about lens options. Show your patients how they eliminate glare and block harmful UV rays with photochromic and polarized lenses.
  4. Keep sunwear on your board. Offer a selection of the latest frames at all times. Even have a board entirely dedicated to sunwear to use as a destination point for patients.
  5. Market sunwear. Use this month’s “Fun in the Sun” marketing materials across your patient engagement channels, offer special promotions, and make sure you check their benefits for any sunwear coverage they may have.