Consider lifestyle displays. 
Instead of focusing on a brand, think about creating a merchandised display that is specific to lifestyles in your community or region. Incorporate imagery and accessories to catch foot traffic. For example, if your practice has a lot of patients who enjoy motocross, create a display with motocross goggles, durable frames, and action-packed imagery.


Take it outside. 
Merchandising isn't just in your store, think outside of the box. Stand out with a sidewalk campaign like this. Is the weather just right? Bring your summer trunk show outside with a table to display sunglasses and balloons to create some buzz on the street. Better yet, setup shop at your local street fair or market. Don’t forget to post about your event on social media!

Make sunglasses accessible and easy to try on.
Take sunglasses out of cases and ensure your practice has plenty of mirrors at eye level. Encourage patients to try on the latest sunglasses while they wait. 

Advertise a second pair program.
Offer your patients a discount on a second pair. This may encourage them to purchase a pair of prescription sunglasses. Create in-office signage to remind patients about your second pair offer.