Ongoing efforts to attract and maintain patients are the key to any successful marketing program. One way to differentiate your practice from others while creating excitement and buzz, is with an eyewear trunk show.

A trunk show is the perfect opportunity to showcase your eyewear, lenses, and accessories in a fun, engaging event for patients. Not sure where to start? Here are a few essential tips to help you pull off a successful trunk show:

  • Plan in advance. Pick a date and time that work for your practice and your patients. Early evenings or weekends, or high-traffic times in your area, will draw the biggest crowds.
  • Invite vendors Find sales reps who are interested in attending to promote their brands to visitors. Pro tip: ask reps to provide items that you can give away during the event (prize drawings, gifts with purchase, etc.).
  • Offer special deals for the day of the show. Consider offering a same-day discount on eyeglasses, sunwear, and contact lenses, and use this as a marketing message to attract guests.
  • Market, market, market. Start early with your marketing efforts and combine in-office announcements with online efforts. A month out, send a save-the-date email to patients. In the weeks that follow, use social media to give tidbits of information that generate excitement. Don’t forget to create fliers to display in your office.
  • Schedule staff and manage inventory. Schedule plenty of staff to work the event! Assign each person a specific role, and make sure they are trained on any special offers in advance. Pro tip: meet with your reps and vendors in advance to ensure your inventory is ready for the event.
  • Create a total experience. Have food and drink for your guests, order flowers or balloons to place around the office, consider music or entertainment, and have prizes and gifts for attendees.
  • Measure results. Review your revenue and expenses for the show and measure success. What worked? What didn’t? Get feedback from those who stopped by and apply what you learned to future events.