The retail space of your office is a primary driver of revenue for your business. This means your merchandise display areas have to be your most efficient and effective points of sale. Following are five visual guidelines you can use to improve your retail space.

1. Identify Opportunities for Easy Improvement

Challenges with spacing, distance and appearance of displays block customers from seeing what you want them to see.

Do: Walk in your patients’ shoes when you enter the office. De-clutter the waiting area and check the cleanliness of the carpets. Make sure the displays are dust and fingerprint-free, and more importantly, highly visible.

2. Set the Stage

Customers approach displays from all different angles, not just head-on. Displays that appear too uniform and only show one angle lessen the visual impact of the frame design and craftsmanship.

Do: Make table displays appealing from 360 degrees by rotating frames to show off key features and design details.

3. Tell a Story

Mixing optical and sun styles, placing contrasting colors side-by-side, or crowding a display can all disrupt a customer’s visual experience.

Do: Grouping product by color, texture, finish, or style is a simple, effective approach to visual storytelling.

4. Be a POP Star

Advertised frame styles are frequently sought out by customers, but can get lost in a large display.

Do: Prominently feature editorial styles by creating an open space for highlighted frames and all associated POP marketing materials. Placing branded accessories closely related to the eyewear is a nice complementary feature.

5. Explore Space

Space is at a premium. Including duplicates of styles in your display can overwhelm a customer.

Do: Remove duplicate styles and create random spacing between product groups to ensure style differences are easy to spot.

Keeping these tips in mind, challenge yourself to change at least one of your displays this month. Try out new approaches to your displays and see what fresh ideas work for your retail space.