No matter how organized you are, keeping order can be a challenge when you’re tackling the day-to-day demands of a busy office. While taking time out to reorganize may seem impossible, it can have immediate and lasting payoffs, like more time for marketing! Revamping your setup and systems can make your juggling act easier — and save you time and frustration in the months ahead.

  • Clear out the old. Start by getting rid of anything you won’t need this year — outdated files, old marketing materials, forgotten knickknacks.
  • De-clutter. If your practice archives paper files off-site or has a document-shredding policy, be sure to follow the rules and guidelines when handling these documents. File items surviving your purge, and rearrange your filing system if needed.
  • Refresh. Take inventory of your marketing fliers and branded items. Is it time to restock or update your collateral with a new look and feel? Staples offers a variety of print and marketing services to help you create a memorable experience for your patients, from business cards and signage to pens and water bottles.

Want to learn more? Follow this 6-step action plan for starting and staying organized from organizational experts and Staples Business Advantage.

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