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Marketing Tip: Send Patient Reminders Before the End of the Year Rush


To promote the importance of eye health as overall wellness and alleviate the end of the year rush, VSP Vision Care recently sent out Annual Eye Exam Reminder postcards to over 2 million members. The goal of the postcards was to present simple, succinct messages supporting eye health, eye exams, and finding a Premier Program location.  

As your patients may have received these postcards, it is a great opportunity for you to use your social media channels to share the same messaging. We’ve provided identical imagery for your social, which will help bring the efforts full circle for your patients. 

While crafting your practice’s social media, here are a few eye health stats to help develop your content for your social posts, Instagram stories, and live posts: 

Did you know? 

  • 30 million Americans have diabetes.

  • 60% of Americans have at least one chronic condition.

  • More than 2.7 million Americans over 40 have glaucoma, and at least half don’t even know it.

  • Ten million children in the U.S. have vision conditions that can impact learning.

  • 84% of parents agree that regular eye exams help kids do their best in school, but nearly ½ of parents wait until their child complains about vision issues. 

  • Only 10% of parents know the recommended age for a child’s first comprehensive vision exam (six months).



Get social. 

Download the Facebook and Instagram graphics and use any of the recommended copy to engage through your social media. For extra effect, customize your post to fit your practice’s brands and current specials. Remember to add your practice phone number and city or neighborhood hashtags so patients can find you and schedule their annual eye exam! 

Recommended Post: Get your family’s WellVision exams crossed off your back to school list. Call and schedule appointments today. #EyeHealth #EyeCare #Eyes #Vision 

Recommended Post: Don’t forget your VSP benefit includes a WellVision Exam – a comprehensive eye exam designed to help detect signs of health conditions such as #Diabetes, #HighCholesterol, and #Glaucoma. Call to schedule your annual eye exam today! #EyeHealth #EyeCare #Eyes #Vision 

Send an email. 

Download and send this email graphic using your patient engagement platform. 

Promote inside your office. 

Download and print this poster to display in your office. 


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