Make shopping for frames fun! Consumers enjoy welcoming environments where they can touch and try on products at their leisure. Keep all five senses in mind and use the following tips to refresh your patient experience in a whole new way:

Create Patient Comfort Zones. Offer a variety of table heights, mirror sizes and lengths so all patients can easily and comfortably try on glasses. Also, ensure your practice has adequate lighting.

Create Focal Points. Highlight or “show off” an exclusive product by designating a specific area or unique display shelf.  Reach out to your vendors to help you create this focal point with signage, photos, and/or videos. Create a visual story to attract the patient to this focal point.

Streamline Checkout. Avoid having the patient bounce from person to person during the checkout process. Ensure quick checkout by equipping all your computers to receive payment and ensure they also have access to electronic health records.

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