Dr Morales

Dr. Vanessa Morales of Uptown Eyecare in Orlando, Florida explains how she leverages Instagram and keeps her practice’s account active. 

Why did you create an Instagram for Uptown Eyecare?
I actually created the account two-and-a-half years ago when I opened the practice, but it definitely fell by the wayside. It wasn’t until I went to Vision Expo East this past March that I had a lightbulb moment: social media is here to stay. I realized that if I plan to have a successful practice for the next 20-30 years, I need to educate myself. I didn’t even have an Instagram account prior to starting my practice!

What’s your favorite thing about Instagram?
It’s a great way to stay connected to followers and trends. We are part of a visual business and Instagram is purely visual. It gives us a chance to show our personality, be creative in our office, and stay in touch with current trends and styles.

How do you manage Uptown Eyecare’s Instagram page and plan out the content?
I have a younger staff and a few of them really enjoy using Instagram. I’ve given a few of them creative freedom to post on Instagram, so when there are new products or when they fit a patient that is super excited, they can post a photo directly to our page. A lot of our patients are millennials and staying active on Instagram helps us stay connected.

What resources or photo apps do you use?
I just started downloading apps! I downloaded Boomerang to create short videos, Layout for collages, and Instaquotes to add some variety to the posts. 

Any last tips?
Even if it’s not 100% perfect from the get-go, it’s so important to get started and use the tools available. Be genuine and have fun!

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