Dr. Robert Melrose from Brookside Optometric in Stockton, CA shares how they give back to their community during the holiday season.  

Staff members at Brookside Optometric Group in Stockton, CA collecting donations of warm clothes and blankets for those in need.

Each year for the past several years, we at Brookside Optometric work with the local women’s shelter to gather donations for women and children. These donations range from warm clothes to toys and toothbrushes, and help provide families with a Christmas they wouldn’t otherwise have. We don’t know which family we are helping, and they don’t know who we are, either. It’s charity in the true sense of the word.

Not only does this help build a sense of community, it brings our team closer together, too. Our staff members enjoy coming together to give back to those in need and enjoy having the opportunity to make a difference. We also invite patients to donate as well, and collect blankets and beds for the dogs and cats. 

If your practice is interested in getting involved in your community, I would suggest finding out what the people in your practice care about first, and start gathering ideas for ways to give back to something you believe in. Then, you can reach out to some local organizations and get involved. We also share our experiences on social media, especially Facebook, to continue to build engagement and momentum with both our patients and staff.

There’s a movement out there of people wanting to make a difference. When you get plugged into that movement, it feels really good.

For Brookside Optometric, the season of giving is year-round. Stay tuned to hear more inspirational ideas and stories from Dr. Melrose in our future editions.