We hope most of you have recovered from the exciting and busy time in Las Vegas at Vision Expo West. Don’t worry, if you didn’t get to attend, here are the top three questions asked to My Marketing Team:

I’m so busy, how can I keep up with my marketing? We heard this more times than we can count. We know you know marketing is important, but time is of the essence. We are here to remind you that marketing is just as important as any other function in a business. Find someone in the practice who naturally enjoys social media and marketing. With all the tools available through My Marketing Team, just allot 30 minutes, once a week, on their calendar to dedicate working on your social and online presence. This dedicated time can be spent creating a content calendar, scheduling social media posts, and planning events/promotions for the practice. A little time (and creativity) goes along way.

How can My Marketing Team bring me new patients? While we wish we could escort new patients into your practice, we cannot, but we are here to provide tips and tools to connect and engage potential new patients. Did you know 50% of today’s online searches are for local vendors and services?1 By ensuring your social media accounts and website are in tip-top shape, online searches should help direct patients through your door. My Marketing Team supports you with curated content through Hootsuite, which can be used to capture and engage your patients.

What is the most important thing about My Marketing Team? You! Premier Program practices are the most important thing about My Marketing Team. We exist solely to make marketing easier for your practice. The ease and ability to market your practice with a few clicks in this socially savvy world we live in is our goal.

We loved being able to chat with so many doctors and practice staff in person. Your interest and excitement about marketing makes our job so much fun. If we didn’t get to chat at VEW, please feel free to send any questions or ideas to us at mymarketingteam@vspglobal.com or post a comment below.