We asked Dr. Adam Clarin about marketing successes at his practice in Miami, Florida.

Tell us about a recent marketing effort that you considered successful.  

We were really excited about a new lens technology offered in our practice. To get the word out, we called our local news station and asked to be featured. Even though television is a more traditional marketing method, the feature was then shared on social media, where it generated even more views.   

Why was this effort a success, and how do you measure success? 

On Facebook, the news feature reached more than 18,000 users and had more than 32 shares, just from boosting the post for a minimal dollar amount. Generating that much engagement was a huge success! Many patients only interact with their optometrists once a year. Social media gives us an opportunity to engage with them throughout the year and get our brand out there.  

What has been your greatest learning experience in terms of marketing your practice through social media?  

The power to reach people is huge. Through other forms of advertising, it was difficult to compete as a small business. Social media gives us an opportunity to connect with our patients directly. In addition to the educational content, we love sharing photos from birthdays or other office celebrations on our social media. It’s a chance to engage with patients while letting our friendly personalities shine online.   

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